Sunday, May 8, 2011

meyer lemons

nate's parents have a meyer lemon tree in their backyard. the lemons this tree produces are the best lemons, ever.
they're sweet & really juicy.
yesterday we were awakened by the postman [rang our doorbell].
i asked nate if he was expecting anything from his parents, he said "no, i don't think so"
we opened the box & it was full of meyer lemons!

one had a little nibble on it from our nephew :)
i've been making juices in the mornings for the last few weeks, so i instantly added one of them to our juice! it was de-licious! [it's red b/c i put a beet in it]
i'm really into juicing right now & eating raw foods. not only raw foods, but just adding a lot of them to our diet. fresh salads, wraps, juices & fruits. i've read a lot of things from raw foodist, that i don't fully agree with... a lot of them will encourage you to stop eating everything that is non raw/vegan and to only eat raw. i don't completely agree with that, i think you should simply add more fresh whole veggies into your diet, instead of focusing on eliminating foods.
idk! that's just what i'm doing.
i feel like the more fresh whole foods we will eat, the more we will want them.
mmm. kale, cabbage, green onion, avooocaaaddoo, garbanzo beans, a lil' shredded nori, topped with toasted sesame & pumpkin seeds. dressed with evoo & a touch of tamari sauce.

we spent yesterday at prospect park. (my new banner picture) tossin' the ol' foozball & frisbee around. we were much better at tossing the football, we decided the frisbee was super cheap & crappy & that's why we were both pretty bad at it. (right?!)

this picture really made me laugh, b/c i was silently mimicking the weathercasters (?) for nate's entertainment & only afterward did we notice that guy looking at me with disgust.

dark chocolate with toasted almonds & sea salt...who woulda thought, salt & chocolate could be so good together?

we ended the day with a trip to TJs, it's in a huge old bank, with high ceilings... just massive. 
lucky for us it wasn't packed (as it usually is) & there was barely a line. 

here's a short lil' clip i made.
nate made the pretty music that's in the background a little while ago, it's a song in progress...maybe it'll complete & you'll hear it one of these day in full.


  1. how lucky are you that you can go and buy mast brothers at their factory?!

    i am definitely going to try that kale salad :) looks pretty darn delish.

  2. girl, you've got great style. looks like a fun sunny day! and i am trying to get a food processor/blender. are they the same? idk.

    right now, i'm trying to study for a test & i decided to listen to "exodus" lol. and i'm trying to study, but i keep thinking about you & nate and wondering about your love story & i don't think i can study any more until you share. oh, would you please? i would love it so!


  3. i love how you display items you want to showcase on nate. :)

    and how you're making fun of the weather man and that guy looking right at you lol. weather people can't be taken seriously, ya know, haha.

  4. goodness girl. that vivienne westwood bag is as big as you are! Super cute as always. a darn shame we came when it was still so cold out.

  5. Your pictures are amazing. I'm loving your blog:)