Saturday, August 20, 2011

g' mornin'

it's a beautiful saturday morning here in brooklyn.  i woke up 8 am,  made some coffee, special toast & thought about an unsettling situation.
i don't know if anyone else experiences this, but when there is something that causes anxiety for me, my stomach sort of turns off. this could be any anxiety, good or bad. for example, before a show, i shouldn't eat, i know food wont settle right.
i believe this is what triggered my quest for healthy foods, early on in my life. i've been vegetarian a little over eight years now. i remember i decided to try & not eat meat for a while to see if my heaviness in my tummy eased up. & it did.
& then that makes you look differently at meat all together. anyway.

back to the special toast, i mentioned.
neither nate nor i eat breakast very often. we're just not hungry in the mornings.
a cup of coffee & we're golden. but, mornings like today, where we lounge around, playing with our kitties, we start wanting a wittle snacky packy.

my sister came to visit last weekend, and brought a glass jar ;) of homemade apricot jam.
so here's the complicated special toast recipe :

two slices of toasted ezekiel bread 
(i love this bread b/c it's organic, & they use sprouted grains, which are full of extra nutrition for ya!
& not the biggest fan of plain bread anyway, so this does the trick for me)
crunchy almond butter (i use trader joe's brand)
helen's yummy apricot jam 

ok. well, we're on cup of coffee number three... (they're small cups though..) which means we better get going! we get to go pick out a new guitar for nate, get some lunch, go to the fort greene farmer's market & rehearse for our show tomorrow night.

if you live in NYC, come see us play tomorrow, at the delancey @ eight.

we've had some record breaking rain recently here. i don't hate it.
if we move from here, i'll miss the variety in the weather, ya neva know watcha gonna get around here.


  1. ezekiel bread is a staple in our house : )
    good luck with the show. glad to see you have another one!

  2. i wish i could go see a show!

  3. good luck with your shows, take some picture of it, your photos are so beautiful!

  4. ezekiel toast, almond butter, and jam. it's THE best.

  5. guess what i'll be having for my really late breakfast/technically lunch this ""morning""!!
    A toast..with some store-bought apricot jam! :)
    Couldn't figure out what i wanted to eat till i saw that toast! :)