Sunday, August 14, 2011

family timez

we had a nice weekend, I hope you did too.

my older sister & her family came to visit NYC this weekend.  we did a lot of fun things, like go see dinosaur bones at the museum, brighton beach (where pretty much everyone is russian), restaurants for days, some shopping and more beach.
anthony (who goes by Tosha) is so big now. he has two big kid teeth in front. he's becoming...older! (duh! but still, so strange!)
my little neice Alicia (a-lee-see-ya) has such an adorable & hilarious personality, was really cool to get to know her more. ( & to top it off she's such a cute little monkey.) 

she has a really silly sense of humor. her favorite thing was to make this face at me & make me think she was upset at something. this face was always followed by a giggles, b/c she couldn't hold it for too long. 
i tried to take family photos for them, but sometimes it's tough getting everyone's face & background & focus to cooperate
my sister took a really sweet photo of nate and me.
my favorite part about the photo is the pair of little legs between us.
ok. once again. here i am, up later than i want to be, on a sunday.
there were some sad good byes happening when they left. no worries, we'll see each other soon!

have a great week everyone.


  1. isn't it sad when your niece/nephew grows up SO FAST so far away from you? i remember your xanga posts when toshka was so teeny tiny.

    such a sweet post - and that pic of you and nate is sensational! you two are just wonderbar. also really like that one of alicia and her papa (pic #8)

  2. super sweet picture of you and nate! and that last foto is a tear jerker. nate and tosha are such buds!

  3. such sweet photos. i love the one of your niece being carried by her dad and the one of you and nate is beyond adorable.

  4. thanks guys!

    i have about 1000 more pictures, so hard to just post a few. sigh.

    ok. bye!

  5. Aw I hate goodbyes but it looks like you had a lovely time! The pictures are amazing by the way!:D

  6. The last three photos are so adorable. As is your new header picture. Also, please have children. (It doesn't have to be on purpose.) (I'm kidding.) (But not really.)

  7. the pic of you and nate is so nice, with the lights from the car and the whole big city atmosphere.. love it! and how cute is that with those little pair of legs between you.. : )

  8. lol emily.

    thanks for the picture compliment girls!

  9. What a beautiful set of photos to represent what looks like a lovely together family, even though you may not live so close.