Monday, August 8, 2011

new bag new dress

so, i won this bag. 
canyon backpack by tenoversix 
my favorite store/my favorite people/my new favorite bag.
i dip-dyed my dress with teichopsia textiles. it washed out a lot. they told me the color wouldn't hold if the fabric wasn't cotton. whoopsy.
coincidentally, the bag looks great with my dress.
 had a whole coconut to cool off yesterday. i was walking in the lower east side, and saw this little vegan restaurant/juice place that looked like it's been there for ev er. i didn't write down the name, but i know where it's at exactly, so i can go back to it.

it was better than any canned coconut water!
then i took the L train, one stop to williamsburg. it's kind of awesome how quick you can get into the city from williamsburg. one stop!

*if anyone knows of any places in williamsburg available for rent, 1bdrm, let a girl know! oh & cheap! oh & windows! 
talk to you another hot day.

money shot. 


  1. like how your dress turned out! the coconut looks delicious and the money shot is so great : D

  2. thanks dani!
    and that money shot was all luck! just a funny kid in my neighborhood.

  3. i'm a new follower(: love your blog so cute


  4. your new bag is amazing! I love that store!:D

  5. That is indeed a cool bag and I like how the faded dip-dye came out, it reminds me a lot of the tie-dye shirt I am wearing now in color, except your dress is awesome hah. <3 I am merely Amber B. / human from space/ there @LB