Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the plant journal

nate got this magazine for me. and i love it.
i read it, then went thru out our house and took care of all of our plants. ha.

it's very inspiring and beautiful. each issue will focus on taking care of a certain plant with detailed intstructions.
you're probably wondering, couldn't you just find all this info on the internet? yes... yes you can, but will it nicely laid out, with nicely currated artwork and articles? i didn't think so ;)

my favorite page, of course. (cutting this one out of the magazine and hanging it on my wall...duh.)

one thing, i will have to mention, is that there was a typo. (nate's probably rolling his eyes right now, b/c i can't seem to drop it! ha ha. well, i just think typos are ok on blogs and things that aren't really important, but come on! this is a $20 magazine! triple check your work...right?)
anyway, very inspiring and awesome magazine, w or w/o typo! :)


  1. I really love your blog. I wish I lived in New York so that we could be friends. Very inspiring.

  2. i know this post isn't new, but i really like your nail polish color : ) i never wear nail polish, but sometimes i wish i did haha. (& is that a tattoo on your ring finger?)