Tuesday, October 4, 2011

oh  yes, it's finally fall weather around here. mid 60s weather. we are keeping our ac in our window for another wk or so, b/c we hear it's gonna be hot this wknd! anyway, while it's chilly, i'll stick to long skirts and drapey sweaters.
the hat i'm wearing is the pendleton wool hat. nate bought it as a "share" for us....we have been known to share clothing...
we went to the PS1 museum book fair, this last wknd. we saw a lot of cool art, and i loved pretty much everybooth, and wanted to get one of everything, then be locked away with only the new books i bought... yeah, probably not.
there was one thing we really wanted to get, it wasn't a book, but a huge photograph. we both loved it, and found their website where it's available, i hope we get it soon. i feel like this is what's been missing off our wall this whole time.
love these little cheetoh pins by sebastian butt!
i saw this cat trying to climb out of the window, so i took a picture and said "what do you think you're doing?" and he/she said "meeeeeow!" and ran back inside.good times..

for brunch on sunday, i made tofu scramble, a salad & some toast. it was one of those meals nate wanted me to remember & make again soon. i have this habit of making new things all the time, and forgetting to remake the things we've been liking. 
[saute' onions, peppers & garlic. add mashed firm tofu. saute for a little while, then add soy sauce+crushed garlic+a lil evoo+agave+tumeric cook for a few minutes, until it's nice and toasty, add chopped kale for like last couple minutes... mmmmm]

k. since you're really asking for it, heeeeeeerre's rozzzy!!! photo cred to nate!! so cute. it was like his dream home for a few days (that's all i could stand, a huge box full of paper in the middle of our living room)
ok. bye guys. thanks for coming by! 


  1. I love your style, you're so lovely ! And you're invited over to my house to cook anytime, that tofu dish looks amazing. xo

  2. your rozzy reminds me of my noodle! they have such personalities.

  3. I love your necklace, the triangle! Generally, your style is so great, you know how to get dressed huh?
    I also adore the way you photograph your life, it makes it so vivid even though via net

  4. wow i love the way you have styled this look! P.s. brilliant hat!

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  5. Love your style! I've been looking for a hat like this for a while now, and I think it's very cute that you share clothes!

    -Laura xx

  6. I just found your blog and am creepily going back into your archives...I absolutely adore your style.

    I also really like that photograph you mentioned, the one on the wall. Could you possibly send a link to the website you found where it's available?


    1. thanks Diane! i don't remember which site i found it on, but it was not available at the time... sorry! if i find it again, i'll let you know! thanks for looking at my blog!