Thursday, May 31, 2012


yay! we're really excited about selling our clothing in person! we have lots of really great new things, which have piled up & you can have first dibs on it if ya come to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire!

2900 Navy Way (at Main Street)
Alameda, CA 94501

as of right now, we are going to be at spot L9!  we are teaming up with Founded vintage shop, so if you are on the west coast, make a fun roadtrip out of it & come see us :) (i'm full of great ideas!)

we'll be featuring some new things, a few hand dip-dyed pieces & most everything you see on our

bye!! hope to see you on the...flip...side...... 


  1. Exciting! I'll be there for sure since it's near my 'hood.

  2. How can I buy a dip dye from you guys!

    1. you're going to have to make an overnight trip to San Fransisco! :)

      after the flea market, we'll post what's left on our etsy ...and make more!
      say hi to m!!

  3. oh man how awesome!!! the dip dying is amyazing. we'll try to make it out there - i don't know what wes has up his sleeve for this weekend, but srsly want to come check out your physical little shop :)

  4. you should come when we're wrapping up, then we can get some coffees or somethings.

  5. awesome! i may just have to make a day trip there. i've been wanting to check that place out forever & you may have just given me an excuse :)