Tuesday, June 5, 2012


we had a blast selling at the alemeda pointe flea market! it was a major success & we've already reserved a spot for next month! so mark your calendar, july 1st & come see our booth :)

we had to get up early in the morning, before the sun was out, to get there & set up in time for 6am . i was pretty excited, so it was easy to wake up early. ya probably know how it is... reminded me of when i was young, & it was the first day of school. i think it was for 2nd or 3rd grade, i went to sleep wearing my entire outfit (including my shoes) ready for the first day of school, ya know, to save time in the morning. i was caught by my dad, wearing my shoes in bed. i heard that story so many times, i'm not sure if i actually remember this happening or if i just remember the story.

anyway, so the flea market went great! lots of people stopped by, the dip dyed clothing was a hit!
i had two coffees, then later had indian food (one of the best!) & changed my outfit many times.
i met lina, who was so sweet! & talked to lots of really nice customers.
ok. you get it, we had a lot of fun selling our clothes :) (for next time, we'll work on our set up)

ok. that's all for now.

but could you please tell me if you've ever seen a lazier, more relaxed cat (with or without fur), before ?



  1. looks like fun! i'm so glad that market was a success for you! xo

  2. yay for being there again in july! glad it was a success & i got to meet you. love my new top : )

  3. Oh, I would love to have gone. I wish we had awesome flea markets around here. The dip dyed pieces are sick. I'm glad you had a successful and pleasant time! And that cat. Holy crap, he's precious.

    May the force be with you.