Sunday, June 10, 2012


hi guys.
we had our second guest stay at hotel cole :) [still working on the name, ha]

our friend lives in NYC, but was in LA visiting family. since we're in fresno, a three hour drive north of LA, she borrowed a car & brought us a succulent plant.

there's not a lot to do in fresno, so we spent a lot of time having drinks, eating avocado sandwiches, talking, inspiring each other.  we almost went to big sur on an impulse! but since we all liked being at our house, we decided to save camping for next time.

this is my first weekend at our new house!  we finally started painting.
painting is so time consuming! just a little office is taking all weekend! it is therapeutic, just standing there, painting, thinking.
we are painting the ceiling, and trying to decide whether we should paint it all white, or leave the beams dark...
we'll leave them dark for now, but if we don't like it, we'll just paint 'em white. open to opinions too! (phew! will never have to see that red wall again!!!)

we were running low on fruits so we went to the clovis farmer's market & picked up some cherries, apricots, peaches, plums & all sorts of hybrid fruits. $1 per pound for most of the fruit, can't beat that price!
lots of dip dying, fruit eatin', drink makin', hair cuttin' is goin' on in fresno this weekend.
here's a quick "cheater" recipe for your summer mix. loving mint in everything i drink these days.

minty beer
lots of mint
1 beer (we used rolling rock)
1 can of pelligrino blood orange (new amazing flavor!)

put mint and ice in a glass. 
mash it around in there. 
then add mostly beer & a little pellegrino! 

wearing my new dip dyed shorts, they'll be going up in the shop next week, maybe. unless i decide to keep them :)

we're dip dying lots & lots of new things for the alameda flea next month. i'm also excited to hang out with our pals olga & elizabeth, they'll both be bringing vintage to sell at the same booth.

i've been making raw green soups, but still haven't nailed down the perfect recipe to share.
i love soups, but in this fresno heat, turning on the stove sounds like...hell.

see ya later!


  1. you should visit the tower district! one of my friends lives in the area and she absolutely loves it.

  2. so fun to see you three together again-

    beautiful house and keep the beams dark!

  3. painting is so time consuming and i will soon be doing it. ugh! i think exposed wood beams are the way to go. good luck!

  4. I love the dip dye! Nicely done. Still too scared to do it myself.

  5. you rock at bangs! did ya cut nates hair too? ps - i like both exposed and painted beams. keep 'em exposed and then when you get bored of it (which you will) paint 'em (white or metallic)

    1. or neon....
      & yeah, i trimmed nate's hair. easy peasy.

  6. Yes, Tower District and downtown Arts District for life!

  7. your new place looks awesome, especially with the new colors. so contemporary clean. love it. (p.s) i love nates long hair. can you convince paul to grow his. pleeeeease! :)

  8. You look fabulous! I love your dip dye shorts, they look amazing on you! :)

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