Thursday, July 12, 2012


we've been on a tacos kick. two days in a row. lets go for three!

sauteed pepper, nopales & onions.
beans & rice
& mango guacamole.

the first time i had nopales(or cactus), was at my friends jamie & moses' wedding this year.

in fresno, we kept seeing fresh nopales sold at the market, but never bought any. until a few days ago!
do i know anything preparing nopales? nope.
i decided to wing it, & prep it like i would peppers&onions.
i added sea salt, cumin, chilli & garlic. 

we also made guacamole. instead of tomatoes (nate's not a fan) we added red peppers & mango!
3 avocados to about 1/3 of a red pepper & 1/3 of a mango. (to taste, of course)

(plain basmati rice, added lime &cilantro to it at the end.)

canned pinto beans. sauteed onions, garlic & tomatoes w/ cumin, salt & chilli peppers. added beans towards the end & let them simmer until most of the liquid is gone)

success! nate is obsessed. can't wait to buy more this saturday.

that's all.
don't forget to try new things. you might be missing out on something... on something even better than nopales.


  1. Oh I just fell in love with ur blog :) !!!
    And these photos made me super hungry..nam!!!


  2. Короче, все ingridents на глас бросай. нет, не literally.

  3. P.s. coop has such a "that's right mother fucker" expression on his face in that last picture.

    1. he def. was saying that. but more along the lines of "you're gonna die motha fucker". he also tipped the cage over the other night... luckily i woke up and saved little hammy.

  4. Replies
    1. thx! my husband said it was the best food he's ever had. lol. i'm sure he's exaggerating, but still!

  5. the tacos look delicious! :-)

  6. I am dying over that bag! I'm assuming it is vintage? You have always had the greatest style all through the years :)