Tuesday, August 14, 2012

show tonight in LA

 doom&gloom show tonight in LA
@ lot 1
we play at 10:00pm

speaking of tomatoes...
i grew one tomato plant, & there are so many mini tomatoes, now i can't wait til next year when i can grow more. 

& a few more random pics from the last few days.

licking the s-h-i-t out of themselves in the atrium. 

my sister's birthday dinner. perks of living near your family, you actually get to see them on their birthday. *sweet*


  1. my mom is growing little "yellow pear" tomatoes in her backyard garden. they are sweet & i always find my self sneaking ones to eat. you should check them out! also, i love your tote. have a good show tonight! i'll be in that area later this month. maybe you will be playing again?

  2. OMG, i loved all this songs, particularly 'Make me an Offer', the vocals are so good!! i always follow your updates, your blog is one of my favorites!

    I'm brazilian, sorry my bad english.

    Um abraço.

  3. you were in Fresno! At the tower theater! How did you find it? haha, I live here... and near the tower, to boot! Small world =)