Wednesday, September 5, 2012

flea markets

for some reason, when i'm at a flea market, i get this overwhelming feeling of happiness. i mean, maybe contentment is a better word, b/c it's not like i start skipping & singing, but... i'm just really happy to be there.
this last time we sold at the flea, we went there after camping. so i had my pour over coffee gear with me, & was able to solve my "no good coffee at the flea" dilemma.

it was a chilly gray morning, i had a damn fine cup of coffee in hand, layered in the (very clean) clothing we were selling, walking the isles, "shopping" by taking iphone photos & then showing nate & abby, to try & help decide if i should go back and get some of those items.

i guess that's what's exciting, you never know what you may find. 

maybe a plant stand... (<--got a few;) )
oversized chalkboard (still kicking myself for passing it up last time!)
coral reef, perhaps?mid century furniture?clothes, dishes, cameras for days...

anyway, you know how these things go. maybe it's not your cup of tea, but it's definitely something i love. whether i'm there to sell or to just wonder around.
hope to see ya there next time!

here are a few of my favorite new things we put up on our etsy.  all four pieces were amazing finds by nate! 

1. tan jacket w/ huge collar
2. avant garde shirt/shawl
3. great fitting onsie
4. beautiful soft tunic (reminds me of Suno!)

that's all for now. have a good day!


  1. love that onesie. glad you had a good flea day!!

  2. Replies
    1. it sold, and i'm kinda bummed! it was so soft & pretty.

  3. love your photos! i'm a 17 year old aspiring photographer:

    stop by sometime?

    xx rena.

  4. nice photos!

    xoxo milla

  5. Love this first and second outfit! Visit my world:

  6. i get a very similar feeling of contentment.... a sense of wonder at the stories behind the material objects, history of how people once lived. hunting, discovering. i love it.