Sunday, January 23, 2011

january is the coldest month, yes it is

you know, the winter isn't as bad as i imagined it would be. new yorkers would always say 'you just wait til the winter' ... don't get me wrong, it's flippin' cold. just the other day i said 'oh wow! it's going to be warm tomorrow' when i saw it was going to be 31°, so yes, it's cold.
but we wear layers of clothing & both have warm coats. end of story.
saturday we had ourselves a day out and about town as well as some play time in the snow. i tried to recreate a few scenes from love story -- video to follow.
i guess you can say we've become regulars at bedford hill, a little (good) coffee/bagel shop walking distance from our place. the last couple weekends, what we do is walk to b.h get coffee and eat our bagels, then we walk 2 more blocks to dough & share a remarkably puffy & light donut.

being home where it's nice and cozy is so nice when it's freezing outside. i really need to figure out a way i could work from home. our two boys are just the sweetest guys. they start purring when we're near them, i think it's b/c they're so happy we are home.
coop has this sinister look on his face sometimes, i love getting a picture of it! (don't mind his beer belly hanging over his hind legs, he he)

& rozzy loves his sun spot on the edge of the counter. i busted him smelling the roses today (which are so hard to come by this time of year! can't believe i took having fresh flowers anytime in LA for granted! )
i love that one of him stretching :)

coop does this thing now, where he begs to go outside. it's very cute/sad. he just sits by the door & makes theses pitiful 1/2 meows. we give in & let him roam the halls at least once a day. (notice my new opening ceremony/doc martens nate got for me, at an unbelievable price!)

nate's parents ordered a pillow for me as a present for xmas & it just arrived last wk! how fun is that?!
you think christmas is over, but then you get this treat from le train fantome.

today's morning was a repeat of yesterday (except for we threw away half a donut, chocolate & chipotle is as unappetizing as it sounds) & we found&bought a really cute bench for our house. downside we had to take 2 trains & walk a mile in 18°weather. (it was not as hard as it sounds) we think it'll be really fun to tell our grandchildren how we had to walk our furniture five miles home in two feet of snow.
(nate instantly deleted all the food pics off his iphoto, when questioned he said he just hates pictures of food, they look gross to him... )
i dare you to look at this & tell me it looks gross... (actually, it does look gross, but it's so good! cucumber&dill whipped cream cheese w/ avocado & red onion on a toasted whole wheat bagel)

my new twisted hair-do using two bobbie pins.

we ordered dinner to be delivered, while it's a really nice thing to be able to do, it's really awful seeing the delivery guy ride off on his bike (remember, 18° or lower! weather).

nate is playing the most beautiful song on the guitar & is in the beginning stages of recording, we really need tomorrow off too...wish it snowed even more so we couldn't get to work...(wow, what am i, 11 years old?)
i have to go wake our kitties up, they fell asleep in our warm clean laundry, that still needs to be folded.
also, i am going to color my hair a darker shade of blonde tonight... i'll let you know how that goes.
have a great week!
*i flooded you with all these photos to make up for not updating the last while.
if you leave a comment & have a favorite photo from this post, i'd love to know which one!
good bye friends from all over the world


  1. as a random stranger on the web (and i'll admit, a snoop of your blog!) i must say that i absolutely LOVE your food pics. so whoever nate is can kiss my big healthy bootie for all i care!

    i had just finished a huge, and i mean MASSIVE, indian feast before reading this...and when i saw that picture of your bagel i literally got hungry all over again. in fact, excuse me while i go put one in the toaster right now.

    omg this is sooooo delicious. oh, i should take a pic before i finish it. here you go:

  2. Snow pictures are my favorite. I am so jealous. I've been to New York once and it was in November. It was FREEZING but i saw no snow :(
    The picture of Nate holding the mug with your reflection in it is pretty sweet as well.
    Ps. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and just now commenting. Please forgive me :)

  3. I love the picture of your new hair style. Can you please show how you do that with only 2 pins?!

  4. i love your new hairstylee!
    its pretty crazy how you only used two pinss...

  5. I mean Nathan :-) commenter above haha

  6. I like all your pics. But I really like the first one and the one with your reflection in the coffee cup, and the one of you right after that. And the one of Coop looking menacing.

  7. Favorite photo: Your new twisty hairdo. The photo looks like it should be a painting. Lovely.

  8. i love the first two! they should be printed, framed and hung side by side.
    the ones of your cats always kill me too.

  9. nathan...i lol just thinking about your comment. you are so weird.

    amee, i will try and put together a picture tutorial for the 2 pin maybe b/c my hair is like doll hair that it just does what i say...

    thanks so much guys for the sweet comments.

  10. I was in New York this weekend to visit/scope out Brooklyn neighborhoods since I am moving there soon...and it was COLD this weekend. I felt like my cheeks were going to freeze off after all of the walking I did! I really love all of the pictures you post on this site. makes me even more excited that I will be moving there in a couple months!!

  11. All the photos are adorable, I love your boys.
    My favorite photo is of the kitty stretching in the window :)
    Also, I love food photos!! They always make me hungry :) And that sandwich looks super tasty.

  12. I like the one of Nate holding the bench riding up the escalator. I can only imagine the five miles of walking and carrying.

  13. Ah, your blog always cheers me up! I think my favorite from this post would have to be the one of Coop sitting by the door. They are both so cute! and that is a very nice bench btw ;)

  14. i too have been a long time reader of your blog and am just now commenting for zeee very first time :) so, hello! my favorite photos.. the one with your new hair do (so adorbs, as in adorable. hehe) and the last one is so precious.

    also, i met you both when castledoor played in seattle :) you two are incredibly kind and i sang my heart out that night!

    looking forward to the love story inspired video..


  15. i LOVE all the pictures and need to read your blog more...!! But I think the "Dough" photo was really sweet because i'm craving donuts like every day again (but trying to avoid them because i don't want to gain as much with this kid as i did with judah) and I was just indulging in your picture instead...=) LOVE!

  16. you are a a doll, and so no wonder you have doll hair.