Thursday, October 25, 2012

gloomy & doomy

it was gloomy in fresno the other day. we haven't seen many of those in the last six months, so we went for a walk. we tried to talk to the horse, who lives down the street, but she/he didn't want anything to do with us. (gotta remember to bring a carrot or apple next time!)

we snapped a few photos in a farm field, with my favorite gloomy kind of lighting.

then my sister & her husband came over with the kidos. they brought avocado sushi for someone &  in-n-out grilled cheese sandwich for someone else. we played cards & had wine. 
i want a repeat of that night, asap.

see ya guys! thanks for looking around. 


  1. gloomy days are truly the best for walks and inspiration. great pics

  2. I loved when it rained a few days ago. It was amazing!! I love fall and I'm glad it's finally hit our neck of the woods. :) Nice photos! <3


  3. I love the photos ! so amazing !you have such a great style :)

  4. Love the mood in these photos. Has anyone ever told you, you resemble Jennifer Jason Leigh?

    Ali of:

  5. I love the sky in those photos, I think it inspires you to walk and think.

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