Friday, November 2, 2012


often for breakfast i make grapefruit juice, using the citrus juicer my mom gave me. (maybe one of my most used appliances!)
recently my brother in law brought us a huge bag of pomegranate, we ate a few, but still have a lot left. so then i got the idea to try & juice one, using the citrus juicer. it totally worked! i don't get a ton of juice, but still enough to really taste it, when combined with grapefruit juice.

i always wonder what people have for breakfast (well, & for every meal). so i'm sure you're dying to know what i have for breakfast......(probably not, ha)
i'll tell you anyway. some days i just have coffee, other times a tea tonic, but on my favorite kind of days,  i'm hungry for real breakfast! 

side note:
i order this bread from julian bakery, because regular bread just isn't good enough for me -_- lol, kinda kidding. but,
i do really love their bread. it's delicious & they use sprouted grains (which cuts down the gluten & increases protein content) & they also have many vegan choices.

today for breakfast, i made a kale, chives & cherry tomato tofu scramble with  avocado toast. 

Kale Tofu Scramble

a few leaves of kale
evoo or coconut oil
1-2 tsp turmeric
one/two garlic cloves

put a little coconut oil in your pan. as it heats up add chopped garlic & some chives. while that heats up, take a chunk of tofu, and crumble it with a fork (before this, you can press the tofu, to drain... but sometimes i skip that part & it still tastes good). as the garlic begins to brown, add the crumbled tofu. let it heat up then sprinkle a little sea salt & turmeric, mix to make sure all tofu is yellow. turn down the heat to low & chop up the kale (& red cherry tomatoes, if ya want!). put the kale in the pan, mix well, let it sit for 30 seconds & turn heat off. add remaining chives & some more cherry tomatoes. (i also added some mung bean sprouts i just sprouted, adds a little crunch, really good)

at this point, i let it sit there, while i make my avocado toast. 

bon appetit!

what's your favorite breakfast?


  1. Actually, I really do question what people have for breakfast, or any meal of the day really. But breakfast can be so darn tricky. I like this recipe, might try it out. Thanks for sharing !

  2. um yum! i'll really have to try this. it looks so good. my usual breakfast is oatmeal with either bananas cooked in or apricots. so good!

  3. always love avocado toast!! one of my favorite breakfasts : )
    this morning i had a quarter of an onion bagel (because somebody ate the other three fourths), quite a few slices of honeydew melon, & some nonfat plain yogurt with honey.

  4. oh & p.s. keep those recipes coming! ;)

  5. Looks so yummy! I love recipe and food post.
    Almost Endearing