Monday, November 5, 2012

why i'm voting for barack obama

obviously, this is not a political blog.

but, today, i want to share why i'm voting for obama.

equality for alllll
this is a really big one! i'm still confused why people are so against equality...
by opposing this, you come off hateful.
by opposing this, you are not helping anyone.
there has always been and there always will be gay people, allowing someone who is gay to have equal rights, in no way affects your own why is anyone opposing this?
also, i have found that anyone i know personally, that is against equality, happens to not have any gay friends... maybe humanizing what you're so against, could help you see why fairness & equality are so important.

believes in fair pay for men & women
it's really hard to believe anyone would ever vote against this. why would any woman want to vote for someone who doesn't agree with fair pay for women?

green energy
moving forward discovering ways to provide green sustainable energy

bringing war closer to peace

tax cuts for middle class
(helping out the people that actually need the tax cuts, not cutting taxes for the rich who actually have the money to pay higher taxes)

pro choice
i don't want to seem like this is no big deal, b/c i know this is a sensitive subject for many, & especially for some of our family & friends who are christians. 
one thing is, regardless of what i think is right for me,  i don't think it's really my business (or anyone, except for the person involved & their doctor) to make any medical decisions in a person's life. 
secondly, with obamacare, so many more young women will have access to contraceptives (insurance will cover birthcontrol now) so really by preventing pregnancy, statistics show, this can lower the amount of need for abortion...obama's stance & actions are more pro life than the opposing side)

and lastly...
he's someone i think is a strong leader yet he is relate-able & honest.
unfortunately i can't say the same for the opposing candidate.

please comment if you'd like to add anything i've missed! if you're voting for the opposing candidate and would like to say something constructive, feel free to do so too.


  1. I like your point of view Liska and believe that is what the beauty of this country is all about,that we all come from different backgrounds, beliefs and circumstances and these all help shape and influence our decisions. I am also grateful that we live in a county that was built on the ideals of Democracy, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    While I agree with you that equality is important and I do have gay friends, this election is well beyond that. This country and why it has been a world power and beacon to the world was based on Capitalism. That by the strength of his/her back and sweat of his/her brow a person can obtain the American dream. Obama's economic policies have been horrible and socialistic, this will not in my opinion bring financial stability to our country, especially considering more people under the Obama administration are on Welfare than before. In fact there have been more Welfare recipients created than jobs under his administration.
    As for a cut of taxes to the middle class. I would suggest looking at his voting record, if you can find it since the majority of time he was in Congress he voted absent. Many of the policies that are hurting the American working class now are the doing of Democrats in Congress back in 07 at the start of the collapse.
    I can keep going on but my whole point is that this election should be a celebration of the freedoms and liberties we have in this country to vote for whom or what we want. Personally, i cannot wait for this to be over so i can stop reading negative and hateful posts on my FB.

    cant wait to hang out with you guys this weekend.

    1. we're looking forward to hanging out with you guys too!
      & thanks for your civil & respectful comment, joe.

  2. My father said he was pro-choice. He was against abortion but he wanted there to be a choice that people have.

  3. I'm not against equal rights. But I am a Christian and I believe what the Bible says. And it says that homosexuality is a sin. To me, legalizing gay marriage is as morally wrong and legalizing murder. And abortion is murder. Plain and simple. I don't see how you can see it any other way. You kill a human being = murder. Obama talks a big talk, just like he did 4 years ago. And so far he's done nothing. If he gets the presidency again it'll be 4 more years of the same, nothing. He has put this country into DOUBLE the amount of debt we had in just four years. Romney has a good business sense and has been a successful business man who has created jobs. Jobs is what this country needs, get lazy ass Americans off welfare and into making their own money. The key isn't to tax the hard working people to death so that lazy people can live off of it. That is fair. If Obama gets the presidency China will own us in a matter of a few years, they pretty much do anyway.

  4. love your explanation of the pro choice you guys and can't wait to hang out this weekend too!!!

  5. I so appreciate your thoughtful analysis and your balanced approach. Working in public health for almost twenty years, i see day after day how unfair the playing field has become for many Americans. Capitalism is a noble approach but not when it is fueled by greed or indifference. And abortion--my hope is that less women make a choice to have an abortion. But how can we talk about lowering abortion rates without discussing birth control? And unfortunately, while life may start at conception in the minds of many caring people, the life is still a life when a child who is not well cared for doesn't show up for school more often than not because there isn't anyone helping him get there, and when he tries to survive on the streets, he is still a life, and when he lands in juvenile, he is still a life. Philosophically, i cannot understand how one can abhor abortion but be ok with the death penalty.
    As a religion scholar, we see many things in the bible that sound ridiculous today, such as if you rape your neighbor's daughter, you must give your neighbor an ass. That one used to crack up even our deeply religious teacher in the Old Testament class. Our relationship with God is deeply, deeply personal. I believe we have human guides like Jesus come along to help us to understand and experience God. I love Jesus as a teacher, he is all about social justice (helping the poor who will always be with you, healthcare for all is a human right, equal pay for equal work, etc) and Love. Of all the great spiritual teachers, Jesus is the one most focused on Love. Jesus didn't say anything about homosexuality. He did trash the temple though, b/c of its grotesque display of greed and commercialism. That's the only time we know about Jesus getting really upset.