Monday, February 18, 2013

valentine's day bike ride

when we moved to california, we only brought one helmet with us. (?)  i refused to wear it on our bike ride, since nate didn't have one. how good would i feel if something bad happened, & i survived b/c i wore the helmet but not nate...i'd rather be dead, seriously. [ill logic, i know]

a nice morbid intro for ya there! :)

we rode our bikes to a fruit stand, to find a junkyard & then to find a winery with an olden times theme, with wine tasting. score!
we also found an orange grove & took a few oranges (that were on the side of the road).
however, we did trespass for a few photos...who can resist? so pretty!

on our way back, we watched the sun set (romantic lolz),  met (yet another) horse, saw a gansta smoking weed with his girlfriend along the creek on a blanket & eating sandwiches (hello? romantic!)
made it home just before it got too dark. & then we dressed up & went out for indian food.  the end.


  1. hahaha nice dating! the best part "saw a gansta smoking weed " hahahaha hilarious

    and great pics! i pin it all

  2. sounds great!! love the orange grove shots. yeah, who can resist?

  3. i love you guys and all the nice pics you take of each other. you're my inspiration. my bf knows you guys as the "blog couple" i want us to be like. lolz

  4. this is just the most perfect scenario for valentine's day!

  5. ugh you guys, love it all. great photos too. especially the one of you at the gas station & of nate on the bike.

  6. the first pic of you togezer and the close up one of you. xopowo! looks like quite an epic day.

  7. Oh wow! Your photography is beyond Amazing!!! You guys always seem to be enjoying life in Fresno. I live in Fresno as well.. Lets be friends? :)

    Hope you have a fantastic day!


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