Sunday, February 24, 2013

avila beach

unintentionally, this blog is turning into something like a road trip/travel blog. in the last few months we've definitely done quite a bit of traveling! obviously we love doing this & realize how lucky we are to be able to do this right now in our lives.

last week we went to avila beach (near san luis obispo & pismo beach).
we went with my sister & her husband. weekend trips are no stranger to us, but for them it was something new! they have two (beautiful) kiddos who got to stay the night with their cousins:)

so basically, on the trip, we all stayed out as late as we wanted and walked around the beach & shops all day.

we stayed at a cute spanish inspired hotel, where they treated us so nice!  they have wine hour & pie hour & chips and salsa hour, oh & they serve intelligentsia everyone was happy.

(woohoo found an old oversized bag at a funny little second hand store in town)

if you're in that area, be sure and at least get a drink at the madonna inn! we went after dinner & even danced to live old-timey toons played by actual old timers, my favorite!
at gardens of avila, we enjoyed a visually beautiful (& delicious) (but very tiny portions...for me, he he) dinner. we will consider staying at one of these other places next time!

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  1. You are beautiful people! It looks like a great weekend trip.

  2. Man I miss the sun!!! Can't wait to be back for a week in the summer. Looks like an amazing trip. Oh buy the way were did Nate get his round sunglasses? James want a pair like that I can't seem to find any that cool. :)

    1. i'll have to ask nate...but you won't be happy with the answer! i know they're from opening ceremony, but he didn't buy them... i think he won some top sales thing, when he worked there, lol. i'll let ya know tho!

    2. hey monica! the brand is barton perreira & the style is called "dillinger" ... and yeah they're pricey. there's a brand called raen that makes similar one's for a little less expensive:

    3. Ha! That always seems to be the case. Thanks for the info!

  3. And then Nate jumped into the puddle and traveled to another dimension.

  4. Aww yay for sister! Beautiful photogs and I also like the "travel feel" of your posts lately.

  5. These photos are so clean! Why aren't you shooting more weddings again?