Wednesday, February 6, 2013

hi february

the next four months in fresno are going to be beautiful. cool weather & sunny. & hopefully with some of those foggy mornings, everyone who lives here complains about. & hopefully we'll keep taking those bikes out that nate bought for us as xmas gifts. he bought them off a guy who was selling several different bikes, on the corner near our house.
i suspect that is how someone who stole my bike, a few years back, sold my bike too. ha ha.
this month, i have plans to start my tomato seedlings indoors. using seeds that were passed along to me, from my grandma's last year's crop. what's sweet & so sad is she passed away a couple months ago...but on the brighter side (totally not bright enough, but hey) her garden will (hopefully) grow on, in california.

well, hope your february is off to a good one & treats you kindly. don't forget to plan something fun for yourself & don't get caught up, for-e-ver, in the daily grind... because well, that's just no fun.

ok love you guys, bye!


  1. hi fe-brewery. hehe.

    on a different note, i think it's so special that you're using your babulya's seedlings. :-*

  2. Helloo! :) I was just wondering what kind of camera you use? Your shots are all so beautiful, and my camera kind of sucks right now lol.