Friday, April 12, 2013

his & her picks

we're in the middle of a mass update for our shop.
while photographing the clothing, we picked out our favorite pieces of the bunch. 

brown rust suede leather jacket & white band collar shirt

have a great weekend :) 

p.s. could someone help me make my garden look like this?
oh and also, could someone please buy me a plane ticket to here? blue lagoon in iceland, someday...


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! nate found most of those pieces. he's got a good eye:)

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog through Chictopia and I'm in love. I've been scrolling through your archives and you are just so beautiful and I love all your photos! I'm now following you on Bloglovin'. <3

    xxoo Elanor

  3. Great lighting! Also great pieces!!

    1. thanks girlie, sunset lighting in the corn field = magic!

  4. lol! also i like the weeed/flower that made it into the picture with n8!