Saturday, April 6, 2013

it's that flea market time again

if you're in san francisco, oakland, alameda or anywhere near there (sacramento!) come out to the alameda flea market. it's really one of the best flea markets, and we'll be there (which makes it even better, ha)

our inventory is growing with tons of great vintage clothing & we're expanding into home stuff.

anyway. maybe see ya there tomorrow?

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  1. wow. i just caught up on your blog buddy! missed so many posts! you are my inspo to get over my blog rut! i haven't been reading any of the blogs i normally read - i think it's super weird but it's part of my little collection of prego aversions. not just food ;-/ BUT i really missed your bloggy so i went to it directly to catch up, haha.

    for one, happy anniversary!! two, bummed we missed y'alls at the flea :( three, can't wait to see how all your little gardening feats work out. i'm sure they'll be awesome. wish we lived close enough to benefit from your surplus lol!

    ok sorry i know this is getting too long for a comment 0_o hehe. muah!