Friday, April 5, 2013

these days

i have to say, it's the best time of the year here. warm during the day, cool and windy at night. soaking it up, cuz we have some hot hot summer coming our way. well, i like to think of the good things that come with super hot weather, for example : local fruits, clovis farmers market, swimming, camping, iced everything... yeah it's not going to be so bad. (much better than snow, in my opinion)

i bought two edamame seedlings at whole foods. didn't know you can grow these here! we'll see if i can get them to actually grow. my tomato seeds sprouted & are almost ready for the outside too, i'm getting pretty good at this whole garden thing ;) (not!) (well, not yet!)

coop is his usual funny self. i was in the kitchen, and kept hearing a squeaky sound every few seconds. finally found coop getting comfy on the dryer door.
we're getting ready for the alameda flea market this sunday, woohoo! we have a ton of new cute things, it's gonna be a good one!

thanks for stopping by guys 


  1. tomato babies! lookin' good! let me know how the edamame goes. miguel & i love edamame & it would be awesome if we could actually grow our own ;)

  2. are you sure the area you live in is not called Paradise? warm spring and 100% hot summer, ahhhhhh *looks through the window into the snowy April*.