Monday, December 20, 2010

keep the change you filthy animal!

i am sick today.
well, i woke up with a soar throat & tried to get ready but kept having to lay down, b/c i would start feeling really sick. i'm not one that likes to be (who is?ha) but, i was not opposed to laying around
all day instead of going to work.
nate didn't have to go in til the afternoon, so we slept in, and then went to get a bagel, which i wasn't too sick for.
oh, and yes, bagels.... where have you been all my life? i've never tasted ones like here, they're so much lighter than i remember other bagels being. this is what i look forward to these days.
coffee + bagel.  that's nate's egg sandwich on an everything bagel .
& since you're dying to know, i got dill&cucumber whipped cream cheese w/ avocado on a whole wheat bagel.
you will hear about bagels all the time from now on. so, get used to it.
that's me, not feeling well. i'm not good at being sick, i'm pretty sure you're suppose to just stay in bed all day (which is what i did with the rest of the day)
luckily, we found that cute bagel & coffee joint in our hood.

so lets see, what's been a happenin..
holiday party
friend's house
flea market
old chair to reupholster & new blanket

what you see on my shoulder was suppose to be a gag gift, i take it, but i was thrilled. toy rat-my little boys will love it! 
& that's sean fake yelling at it for the photo.

now, pick a christmast tree, lol

& my little boys :) they're so weird, their new obsession, the bathroom.... 
coop the hunter

& this isn't the best picture in the world, but rozzy is so cute, he looks like a tiny little bear sitting in the bathtub.
the end.

oh, my new favorite song is, neil young's 'heart of gold'
here is the song, along with a few clips of us thrown together over it...
take care friends!


  1. your hair is so beautiful with your toy rat : )
    & too bad the video isn't working :/

  2. Wow, they jumped on that video quick. Too bad they don't want people to hear their artists' songs...

    Hope you're feeling better really soon!

  3. oh man, that sounds like a heavenly bagel..

  4. that flee market looks amazing!