Friday, December 24, 2010

merry xmas

it's xmas eve morning.
nate & i are hyped up on coffee right now, about to go get some ingredients to make
some dishes for the xmas party we'll be attending tonight.
it's nice to have friends here in the cold.

just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas. (& will be back to wish you a happy new year, hopefully_)

my nephew came to visit for like 1 day & a 1/2.
he's the best, and we were both crushed when he had to leave. i couldn't help but get emotional
when he was getting into the taxi with his dad & was blowing me kisses as they closed the door :/
so cute & very sad.

well, ok. bye guys.
p.s. now that i love taking pics of my little boys with the bathtub... you'll be seeing these a lot.


  1. your cats like being in water - jealous!

    merry xmas to you too :)

  2. Those cats are my dream cats...Always wanted a creature like that in my life..I think they are really beautiful and elegant..
    Love your blog!The gentle way you share your life.
    The xmas video is like a small poem..
    I dont see a place where I can register as a traveller on your blog so I will put you on my bookmarks on the top!
    Be always with a big smile in your heart..
    Come for a cup of tea at my bloghouse!

  3. Antoshka loves you guys SO much...whenever he gets upset with me, he tells me "that's it, i'm packing and moving to New York to live with Lisa and Nate!!"