Monday, December 27, 2010


wow, it's been exciting around here recently.
a holiday party,
a skype xmas
& a snow blizzard!

our friends had a small get together at their apt.
super cute place, and super yummy food & super cute cat!
nate's new bff!

i brought this spinach dip i made, which you need to bake.yum!

onion+garlic+crumbled tempeh (or bacon if you eat meat) -saute'
add spinach until wilted
separate bowl 
1/2 C lite cream cheese+1/2C greek yogurt (or sour cream)+1/2C(or more!) favorite cheese

combine & bake for 20min. 

so good.. 
i even took a tiny bit of the left over dip & reheated in the oven the next day.

here's me wearing one of my gifts from nate :)
& rozzy, looking so innocent. what? i'm just sunbathing... so what if i'm on the counter.
fyi this counter gets wiped down like 100x a day.

this year we weren't able to fly home for xmas, so we joined our families using skype.
it wasn't like actually being there, but the next best thing.
our families really spoiled us, and sent us very thoughtful & sweet gifts carefully wrapped.

 you can't really tell, but coop is wearing a huge gold ribbon around his body. it was really cute & funny.

during our xmas skype session, it snowed. it continued to snow all thru the night. in the morning we woke up to a white blanket covering our entire neighborhood. we were actually pretty excited, since we had the proper gear to hike thru the snow. the streets weren't cleared, the sidewalks weren't cleared. i can't believe it just took one night to it snow up to our knees! it's kind of amazing out, actually.
my train wasn't working, so i had to come home... i guess i really needed that time to update my blog (lol)

oh yeah, that bus, was actually stuck, and no one was on it... pretty crazy! there were police cars & taxi's stuck all around too!!

i'm actually pretty disappointed in the city. why weren't the plow trucks out all night so that everyone could go to work in the morning. there was notice of a blizzard coming... i don't know. i remember when i lived in washington, the plow truck would go by even on our street, which wasn't a main street.
idk. very surprising/disappointing.
i mean, there was snow down in the subway too! and the stairs weren't cleared...
anyway. i'm not too upset, since i am actually enjoying this snow... no telling how long i will love it for tho...

ok. well...  better clean up, since i'm home.
ps. here is my hair inspiration ... i wonder how long it will take me to grow it this long... 4 years??


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I wish it snowed where I live...but yeah I'm growing my hair out too. I want it to be very long, but it's taking forever! I just need to be patient I guess...cheers haha

  2. That Blizzard looks in SANE!!!!!!! What? How many feet of snow is that?? Looks ridiculous. DOnt you miss the sunny California days?