Saturday, January 8, 2011

this week i discovered karaoke.
i've known what it is, obviously, but i've never actually gone out and done it with friends.
we were invited to go, so i began to panic a little. i didn't think i knew any popular
song. (well, turned out i knew just about every song performed that night.) & also, i kept imaging
it being like my best friend's wedding, the karaoke scene... well. it was wasn't like that at all. you get your own private room with your friends, and pick out the songs you want to do. it's kind of genius!

two days before our karaoke night, i decided to learn a couple songs, just in case i ended up doing a song... so i chose to learn lady gaga [feat. beyonce] telephone -- (i listened to maany popular songs, and decided this one would maybe be the most fun to do)
anyway, it was really fun. and i really want to do it again.  -- who knew!

that's me and greg listening to what's my name, that was a possibility too-- but they didn't have it as a choice at the karaoke place, so we did telephone, instead.
today we went & ate at cafe gitane for lunch. (toast with avocado!)
had mochas. (& i'm wearing a polka dot xmas present nate's parents
got for me from my friend olya's shop)
nate got a super cute cable knit sweater,
that we are going to share. so cozy, i've wanted one like that for a while.
after lunch, we walked around shopping. stumbled upon Fjällräven sample sale.
didn't buy anything, just looked around and talked about how trendy those backpacks were, lol, but i still kinda want one. backpacks are so convenient around here... i hardly ever carry around a purse anymore... it's very strange! but i don hatit .  
speaking of... i'm in the market for a new backpack, my hemp backpack i've had for a while (but just started using since moving to brooklyn) is falling apart. i've heard it's suppose to last 10 years, it's barely lasted me 6 months! story of my life.
let me know if you see something cute out there!

it's been freezing around here. the cold is not really bothering me. i bundle up really well, that coat of a monster really keeps me toasty. i am just getting bored of all my clothes. 
tired of my sweaters, tired of my cardigans, the same scarves & gloves. anyway, i'm in the market for new winter everything.
ok. good night. 
ps. has anyone watched a british show called 'gavin & stacey,' it's an instant play on netflix
nate & i really love it. 


  1. hahah that part in my best friends wedding was SO FUNNY.
    i think the part where the entire restaurant starts singing is even funnier!

    & can i say i absolutely am in love with you and nate together! you guys are so cute. you make me smile :)

    last thing. i really love your polkadot shirt! im wearing one like that now but in navy blue. hahah

  2. Umm..hopefully you have a video of you singing Lady Gaga. Ohman!
    Karaoke is my dream. I've never done it.
    Oh, I'll take your Alex Wang bag off your hands! I'll trade you for a brand new Jansport in candy pink!
    Miss ya!

  3. Ps: Just found this old flickr I guess i made:

    Fun to look at.

  4. of course alex looks up 'gavin & stacey' as soon as i mention it while reading this and we watch the first episode on youtube.

    "what?! i am doing the adkins diet!" lol.

    have you guys seen "spaced"? its another british one that has the same feel, we loved it and watched all of them on hulu.

    the blouse looks so cute on you, but really most things do!

  5. oh and i think the mom on G&S is actually the landlord lady in spaced? but looks WAY different. actors.

  6. I love "My Best Friend's Wedding"! Such a classic. I have never sang in front of anyone really! It totally embarrasses me. So good for you!


  7. Gavin and stacy is so funny i bumped into the guy who plays gavin at christmas time while in london !
    oli :)