Monday, January 3, 2011

hippy new year!

has anyone seen this the last dragon? it's a movie, from the late 80s...
This was one of the movies i watched as a kid, before i could speak english. (this and bloodsport.)
i think i remember these movies the most, b/c i had huge crushes on frank duke, and leroy green...
anyway -- nate had never seen the last dragon, we watched it this weekend. he loved it!! jk.
i guess it's only good if you watched it 20 years ago!

we had a nice chill new years eve. good friends, good food & drinks.
you could see fireworks from across the buildings in our back windows. so right at midnight i crawled out onto our fire escape, then climbed in just as fast when i heard 6 gun shots.

as a christmas present from my nephew judah, i got a poster from fine little day. but then a few days later i received the same one again... even tho he has immaculate taste, i think maybe because he's only 1 1/2 yrs old, he doesn't know exactly what he's doing yet :)
at first i was going to send one of them back, but then i got an idea.

we're keeping both.

the snow is melting around here.
i got really sick of wearing that sleeping bag of a coat around. i want to own like 10 different warm coats. b/c it really does get boring wearing the same one everyday. (wow, life is hard. lol)
today, i layered up my acne jacket, and i was plenty warm.
i'm saving up for a new canon SLR camera... i think of it everyday.
nate suggested i sell my leica d lux 4 & get the new camera. lol, nicceee try nate. not in this life time.
no but seriously. i need this little guy, and i need this new big guy for more serious pictures. ahh. life.

"Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously near to wanting nothing." -sylvia plath

my boy, waiting for me.

ok. bye friends. 
i leave you with this little rascal in a shop.


  1. The Last Dragon is one of my favorite movies! I had such a girl crush on Denise Matthews. And, Taimak (the guy who plays Leroy) hasn't aged a bit since 1985.

    Just remember: You possess the power of "The Glow".

  2. LOL - blood sport! i totally remember that one. me and my bros were all over that movie. me more for the fella (of course!). haha.

    and i freaking love that last pic with the kitty!!

    sounds like you had a sweet little new years - happy NY!!

  3. hhmmm, in the picture of nate waiting for you, it looks like the guy in front of him is A LOT more excited to see you!

    p.s. isn't that a little exclusive to post that room for rent sign only in russian? (in the last picture) cracked me up.

  4. Happy New Year! just wanted you to know i left you a style blogger award on my page!
    Check out my latest post,

  5. please don't take offense to this, but as a fan of your blog, i just wanna say that i wish you would post more often. you've only done one update allllll year. some of us don't have coooool lives in new york like you and your quirky husband. i've spent my entire weekend so far just sitting in my room listening to lady gaga and refreshing this page hoping you would do a new post. just think of that every time your worried you don't have something interesting to say--- but i guess i forgive you, i'm sure you're kinda busy.... ka kinda busy ka kinda busy.

  6. Just came across your blog today. Love your photography.

    We just moved from California into a cold state again too. I hate everything about winter coats. Just don't feel like myself when I'm all bundled up like that.

    - Carly