Wednesday, May 18, 2011

this past weekend, our friend moses rode his bike to montauk. 100+miles. jamie his fiance, nate my hersbernd & i got a car + a bunch of snacks & met him there. we had a few stops along the way, and actually spotted moses riding along the way.
in montauk, we were greeted with free coconut waters and free ice cream cones! hell-oo. fun.
we spent the day at the [gloomy] beach. & had dinner at harvest on the water. (their site sucks, the restaurant is actually nice)
 i have a couple rolls of film from my hasselblad, and was gonna hold off on this update, but eh-- so what, you'll see a few more pics of montauk next wk, can't imagine you'll complain.
ok. bye guys. entertain me, please... i'm feeling under the weather, and just laying on the sofa.
see? even crazy green juice vegan health nuts get sick sometimes. someone sick, literally, coughed in my face, so i blame them.
ok bye.


  1. i love east coast beaches! lovely pics :) i won't complain about you posting more pics from your hasselblad.

  2. the beach looks lovely! hope you feel better (: i reccomend 'throat coat' tea. there's a whole line of them & they work like magic & they're completely organic.

  3. That umbrella picture on the doc should be published!

  4. so very dawson creek, actually i never watched that show but for some reason these made me think of it :)

  5. hi liska : ) congratulations, you won my camera giveaway!
    please email me your address!

  6. Awesome photos! I remember spending east coast days like this... I miss them : )