Monday, August 1, 2011

your heart is gold, let it show

hi guys
so, WE did it. we played our first show, in nyc. phew!!
plenty more to come, but just feels so good to have broken the ice, with such a laid back and relaxed first show. there were tie-dying classes during the day and then we played to close the evening off.

we were a wittle nervous, b/c we haven't played a show in over a year, and to top it off, there were just the two of us playing and singing, vs the six in our old band. (just listened to skipping stepping stones & hidden treasure.... still so good!)

anyway, we're really excited for this new season in our lives.
in other news. there's a squirel that comes up to our 3rd story fire escape and taunts our little boys.
[nate cole photo cred!]
fries. i don't eat often, but LOVE when i do eat 'em.
who doesn't love fries? these specifically are from strong place. great happy hour!

little flirt of a cat showed up on our stoop. just wanted a lil' love and wanted a photoshoot.

went out and about, found MUDspot, got some coffee & coffee beans. not too bad! the beans didn't have a roast date....which always makes me think they're going to make awful coffee. but nope. berry good coffee!
then nate bought me some flowers. i think b/c he thought they would go great with the shirt i was wearing :)
ok. i'm about to make some dinner.
i'm thinking a miso veggie soup + a huge salad....maybe a pizza...or sandwich.......

i've been trying to do some street photos... not fashion street photos, but just everyday life type photos.
here are the first few. they're only gonna get better, the more confidence i get.


  1. Those photos are GOOD. I always get embarrassed when I try to take "street photos". But, really, there is no reason to!

  2. it's good to hear that show went good, the street pictures are really beautiful!:) And you're right, who doesn't love fries?!

  3. Great photos! Glad your show went well. Oh and I'm so jealous of that cat! I'm always running around my neighborhood, trying to pet cats, but they always take off as soon as I come close. Boo. Well, now I sound super creepy.

  4. You always take wonderful photos! I'm always embarrassed as well when taking street pics. So happy your show went well! Wish I was on that side of the country to see you two play!


  5. so glad your show went well - i'm sure y'all put on a good one - you being you :)

    cute shot of you with the flowers. i love the mixing of floral and animal print belt. effortless - adorable.

  6. did you ask those little girls to take their picture? Or they just natural models! i loved every second of this blog.

  7. pretty photo of you with the flowers and the matching shirt! like the street pics too. new york is so great cause there's always so many interesting people out and about : )

  8. great street photos liska : ) && congratulations to both of you on your first show!! (love the post title : ) i miss me some castledoor...)