Saturday, June 16, 2012

weekend (very hairless cat kind-a-weekend)

coop was just sitting there, watching us take pictures, sitting there some more, letting out little pitiful meows every now & again. when finally he saw an opportunity & he made a dash for it. he's run out the door several times now. once we didn't even realize he was out!  we were in the backyard hanging out,  when he just walks up,  casually next to us, like "oh hey guys" & continues to smell flowers.
he doesn't struggle when he gets  caught, just kinda expects it,  i guess.
poor little guy just wants to explore. maybe i'll let you out more once we build a fence.

i discovered there is a horse living in a backyard, down the street from us! i'll have to bring her an apple next time. very bizarre ...seeing a horse, in someone's backyard. (not complaining tho!)

[fye : it's going to be 108 in fresno tomorrow! & it's not even officially summer yet! ]

nate was saying how it's harder to dress interesting during the summer, b/c you don't have many options. shorts & a tank top or tee. a little better for girls, since we can wear dresses.
so, we started dip dyeing regular tees to spruce 'em up a bit & add some variety.  we're on the look out for comfy regular shirts now, so we can give them a new life. here are a couple recent ones.


 k. that's all for now. have a berry relaxing weekend! (& i mean berry...& peach & plum & nectarine & pluots ...relaxing kinda weekend ;) )

some of us will have no problems having a relaxing weekend...


  1. I love the new dyed t-shirts! And yeah, I get bored/confused by simple summer dressing, too.

  2. beautiful post!

  3. you are a sickeningly gorgeous couple. loving the dip dye, such a good idea! xx

  4. i feel exactly the same way! it's too hot to add layers and it ends up looking boring. but the dip-dye shirts look so cute- and they definitely spruce up the look!

  5. So jealous of the warm summer over in Fresno! Here in Melbourne its cold and windy and rainy! Oh, and I love love love the dip-dyed shirts and skirts you sold ot the fleamarket, they looked pretty fantastic. No wonder you sold out!!

  6. What a neat little blog! Thanks for stopping by mine :) I love your pictures! such pretty colors and themes. xxo -nb

  7. I really love that couch.
    And that cat! : )

  8. your cats are always super cute;) full of expression! makes me laugh & happy all the time!

  9. yayyyy more hairless kitties! they're so funny :)