Friday, July 6, 2012

shows & markets

we'll be in LA this weekend, and selling at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  come & say hi!

nate & i will also be playing an acoustic show together, as doom & gloom at LOT 1 Cafe.
i think the show starts at 9pm, but we play at 10:30. 
(lets just say i'm really into making flyers right now... haha)

we had a nice & explosive fourth of july! i don't know if fireworks are illegal where you are (& probably for a good reason!) but we're still lucky enough to be able to light those off on the 4th.
there was a little fireworks stand two blocks from our house, so we picked up some explosives.
we drank watermelon margaritas,  snacked on more watermelon, blueberries & grapes as i watched nate set off most of the fireworks.
nate also found this red hat for me, on the 3rd ;) perfect timing, if ya ask me.
(not that it matters, since i've been wearing it everyday since the 3rd anyway)

well that's all folks.
see ya this weekend?


  1. Really amazing look~! I am crazy about your dress~!
    I found a lot of inspiring outfits and posts here in your blog,
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  2. haha. i'm with my family on vacation in the la area this weekend too. probably won't make it to any of your events, but it's funny to think about! hope all goes well!

    1. haha that's awesome!
      well, if you're free either of those events, ya know where to go ;)

  3. Aw man, we would come and see you if only Kyle was not hiking in Washington this week! Hopefully your day at the Rose Bowl will be so incredible you will be compelled to return.

  4. Кто бы мог догадаться, что можно по-русски? ;)
    Очень красивый блог, подписываюсь с удовольствием! ) И жду у себя в гостях )

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