Friday, July 13, 2012


you growing anything?
i'm going to attempt (to attempt) a fall garden. right now, i have a few scattered plants around our yard. but for fall, i want to really get some things growin'! i need all the tips i can get!
& inspirations!

we've been watering my sister's tomato garden while she's on vacation.
(& stealing her grapefruits! they're so sweet! & so many of them!)
i've also developed a lil mixymix drink with them. i'll share once i find the right glass.
(but if it takes too long to acquire, i'll just make it in a glass jar *laughing crying face*)

 have a fun hot weekend!  you know these guys will!


  1. Love love love your cool outfit and you shoes!!! My mom grows sooo many things and i just see she waters them daily .. other then that i have no idea how to grow things! =) Good luck!

  2. Love the orange and minty blue together! And the robe/jacket! Such great combinations.

  3. where did you get your boots? they're perfect.

  4. yes. love them boots.
    also i want to hear more on this fancy drink!

  5. it's so amazing/strange that you can grow grapefruits yourself! just like that! it's too cold in my country to grow anything fancier than apples and tomatoes.

  6. we seriously killed a kids garden package that is supposed to be impossible to kill (so kids get hooked on gardening). So much for advice here. Judah doesn't think it's so cool anymore. But if you get it to work- let us know!

  7. love the outfit
    i wish i looked that good when im gardening