Thursday, July 19, 2012

hi thursday

rozzy happy to be back home. spending hours, balancing himself on the four inch windowsill.

visiting pals & family in sacramento.

iphone chronicles. 
(maybe more like iphone cat chronicles?)


  1. super love surprise cole visits!

    haha! that pic of nate and coop (rozzy?).
    also alex in the pic of olga and i - makes me chuckle.

  2. so great to be close to family:)
    the last pic of one of the cats upside down is so great.. haha

  3. The dress you wore on fourth of July looks amaze-balls (from your intagrams anyway!) let me know if it's making it's way to etsy ;-)

    1. Unfortch it sold:/ but, sold to a friend. So some day she will get tired of it & may e it will make it's way back to me. I'll keep ya in mind.

  4. great photos
    your cat looks so evil in the 3rd photo
    hahahah i love it!

  5. Hey! I like your blog! Just to let you know I've recently featured you in my blog post “Sarah Loves Trends - Ombre Details” :) x

  6. Haha I love this post so much. Look at your cute babes.