Thursday, January 31, 2013

guest post by nate

my first guest post found me obsessed over the desert.
while that fire still burns, i've discovered new inspiration in the country.

i recently created our first treasury list on etsy.

check it out here ---> Country Dweller

the term "country dweller" could simply refer to someone who lives in the country.  at face value, this definition is already appealing to me.  country life is simple and beautiful.  recently i've romanticized the idea of country life because it seems to be void of the distractions a big city provides.  the storms in my brain are plenty active just sitting in an empty room!  all this to say i've enjoyed being in fresno and i feel like it's fulfilled some of the changes i was consciously and subconsciously seeking.

in keeping with tradition, here's a photo featuring some of our recent country influenced tissue wrap...

another interpretation of "country dweller," and my introduction to the term, is as a reference to pagans.  a while back i watched a documentary that brought it to my attention.  historically, people who didn't subscribe to the religion of their town were either forced out or voluntarily fled to their own like-minded communities.  whether or not you can relate to it in the religious sense, i think we all tend to be drawn to those who are similar to us.  similar on the taste in fashion, food or music.  and deeper, similar in how we think philosophically or politically.  lisa and i have noticed recently that many of our friends tend to be the "black sheep" of their families.  we both have tight knit loving families (they're probably reading this right now!) and to say that we're black sheep doesn't imply a negative connotation.  i think it's actually kinda sweet.  beauty in variety.  we're lucky to have such supportive families.  but what's so special is how we find those friends and acquaintances we can relate to.  sometimes it may just be someone on the internet (that's sorta sad, yet cool that it even exists) who can encourage us and help us grow.  we all just wanna love and be loved.  oh gosh, that's enough.

ok guys, to quote our friend brando's dad "it's been real, its been fun, but it hasn't been real fun"


p.s.  i miss xanga where you could list a "currently listening" album - guess what kind of music i'm into right now? what's that? COUNTRY? shock, horror!

 willie nelson "phases and stages"


  1. I think the same, I think people who have any kind of identification has some natural magnet or something...
    i love all musics posts...i just love this song

    listen to this

    1. YES! i've used that same description "MAGNET" ... we're drawn to each other. it's magic. and o my gawd that buddy long song is one of my favorites. liska posted it here:

      browsing through the images on your blog and it's awesome.

      since you like collages, here's an inspiring modern collage artist:

    2. yes, yes! i saw this post, that's why i commeted about it! is amazing.


      i'm so glad to hear it!!! hahahah

      thanks, is a great great inspiration for me!!

  2. suuuuper belated comment, but great post! i was thinking what do you call it when all the black sheep gather together and it's just a big ol' group of black sheep. they're really not "black sheep" a sense *mind blows*.

    also great song.

    i remember xanga too! i would ramble on it on the daily. and it was fun to read all y'all ramblings too. thanks to liska - that is sort of how i got into the internet blogosphere.

    i think you should have a weekly guest post.

    well, that's essentially all.

  3. i said "essentially" even though we drove it to the ground only hours after it was funny. haha. it's not that funny anymore. but you're prolly not going to read this so...

    1. so essentially you don't give a shit!!

    2. uhhh of course i'm gonna read this. i read all of liska's comments, daily. still waiting on a good one from "nathan"...