Monday, January 17, 2011

should be asleep

i know, i've been neglecting my bloggy bloggerson.
it's been cold out, but we've been going out more (which is good)
i hear people just stay home during the winter days here...i understand why, but still!

also, b/c it's been cold, all the pictures i have of myself, i'm wearing my blasted puffy coat...
my photographer is walking on thin ice.

i put up a few sweaters on etsy.
we have a printer now, so i can print shipping labels at home...anyway, etsy is back up & should
get updated more frequently.

 a few nights ago, our friend robert & gia were in town, so we got to spend the evening with them...while it was blizzarding outside.
this weekend i got 2 veggie dogs. they were really good, but i think i would have just preferred the toppings minus the veggie dog & minus the bread... but it was my best choice... i need to remember to eat before i go to the flea market.


  1. How do you like Etsy vs. eBay for selling clothes?

  2. em- i like etsy b/c items stay up for longer, if they don't sell right away... idk, it's kinda like having a store. sometimes you have something for a while before the right person buys it.
    i guess you can do that with ebay now too--

  3. ya, that's nice. etsy feels more organic, i think. i suppose it's all the craftiness...