Wednesday, June 27, 2012


june is almost over? what's happening here, time just decided to skip june? this means it's been almost two months living in fresno now....(& we still haven't bought our sectional & haven't finished painting. ay papi, it may take us some-time to make our house perfect(to us))

well, we've been busy with our little etsy shop, lately. we're getting ready for our second flea market (first sunday, July 1st,  at the Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire)! we will be in space D15 this time! which is really close to the front! i am wondering if this will be a good or bad thing, tho.
i'm not sure if most people come in & spend their money at the front rows or wait until the rows in the back. we will see.
anyway, of course i still think it's a much better spot than last times L9 spot & am very optimistic about it :) i'm just excited to hang out with our friends & have the best food for lunch, all the while making some sales (hopefully)!

in other news, coop is still wanting to escape. he sits by the screen door,  cries & cries.  finally, under very close supervision, let him out. of course, we are on high alert b/c he can definitely out run us if he wanted to... but he's just such a scardy-cat, i'm not too afraid of that.
 he's just my goofy little cat. likes to make me laugh. (i like to think he's being funny on purpose)

my niece & nephew were gone for summer camp & sleepovers for a week, came back & look so much more grown up to me! kids change so quickly...sigh.
we're loving our outdoor bbq dinners with them. my sister & her husband have been really sweet & making food i like too :) delicious pear salad, veggies  & quinoa w/ cauliflower.
i brought a "raw borcht," some homemade pickles & a (can't go wrong) white wine.

that's all for now. happy mid-week!
we're going to the farmers market to get the best tamales ever, in a bit! (they have vegan choices... i mean c'mon!)

see ya!!


  1. I love how your posts look like letters :)

  2. wow quinoa with cauliflower?? i wouldn't have thought of that! is there a recipe or something? (you know i like those recipes lisa;))

    1. cute :)

      she made plain quinoa, and separately sauteed onions & cauilflower. her kids are extra picky, so she has to do it that way :) it was so good! i am going to make something similar, but roasting the cauliflower onion, in the oven.
      food is fun!

  3. super excited for sunday too!! (and first time nervous!)

    1. haha, i remember when i was nervous. jk. i'm nervous again, not as much, probably more excited than nervous, but still a little nervous!!

  4. I love the cat in the basket. So cute!

  5. We are putting together all the profits and then splitting it three ways still, right?! ;-)

  6. I like reading your blog and see your pictures :) Keep posting !! :)

  7. Ahhh! I miss your blog! I miss blogging and gossiping about all the fun things we had in common! (more veggie recipes PLEASE...) Glad to see you are doing well. Do you have instagram? that's the only way I keep in touch with my favorite blogger now-a-days. Take Care! Warm Hugs from Utah...