Wednesday, April 13, 2011

montauk part II

ok, i forget how much i love my film camera. sure, it's not very cost effective (film+developing+scanning) but i am always so much happier with the results, than with my digital results... even if it's pictures of vegetables.

i guess just those three are from montauk. they're a little over exposed, but i like that sometimes.

lately i've been into juicing fruits & veggies.
ok, i wanted post these pictures, before they start looking like old news to me. this last one is my favorite. when i go looking for the boys around the house, i usually look for a little bump under a blanket somewhere, or tiny paws sticking out from underneath something.


  1. That last photograph is incredible. Such great inspiration.

    Love these.

  2. so pretty!!! what camera do you use for film?

  3. i like the second to last photo of your cat. he has the best expression on his face, and the colors in the photo just look really good.


  4. aww, thanks Sofia, i love his expression too, and also, how his little "elbow" is slipping off the blanky :)

    leez, it's a hasselblad 500C, i got an insanely good deal on ebay a few years back, and have busted it out again. LOVE it. makes me feel like a real photographer!

  5. Ok I have just found your blog and I have to say I adore the picys of your cats . Well the one with the cat and the one with just the paws.

    my cat was re homed to my mums because I developed this extreme allergy I wonder if your wee boys who trigger allergies since they are hairless!