Sunday, April 17, 2011

to go to work or not to go

that is the question.

i have the option of going into work today...and i can't decide whether i should or not.
i'm leaning towards a yes, since nate has to work too -- we'll see! i'm sure you're on the edge of your seat.

last week i bought chia seeds (which i accidentally call chia pets, all the time)
i've heard they're a superfood, and keep seeing them mentioned on health & vegan food blog.
after seeing their health benefits, i decided to get some.
i feel like i'm an adventurous eater, but there are a few things i still can't stomach (aside from meat), like mushrooms or (goopy) oatmeal :/ it's a texture thing...
anyway, i made a simple chia pudding recipe.

1/4cup Chia pets/err seeds
1 cup of cashew milk [made some this morning, using my new milk bag] or any non dairy milk
blueberries & a drizzle or agave [u can use w/e sweetener you like.]
mix chia + milk, wait about 15-20min and add the rest. 
= a very mild & delicious breakfast.

so a thing i do here, but have never done before, is karaoke! 
it's the best. you rent a room with your friends and then your friends are forced to listen to you sing! 
well, everyone pretty much sings on every song, which is the fun part, gives you lots of confidence when you're the one with the mic.
i don't know how kiki and i ended up singing a papa roach song, [wasn't my choice, but i obviously can't turn down a duet!] ....two perfectly nice girls singing a very strange song. 
that's the beauty of it.
ok. so i've decided i am going to work (it's almost 1pm now...)
you know, this would be my ideal (real work) schedule. 
leave for work 1pm, come home around 6pm... 

i went to an art gallery in chelsea the other day, and am now obsessed with that area.... like i want to move there obsessed. but we'll see... 

ok. more on that later. 
oh, and here is my spring style inspiration. 
...what do you call that blonde hair color anyway?

[bodkin tanky available at 10/6]

 i'll leave you with king cat of the alley

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  1. ooooh, I LOVE your food pictures - they look tasty:)