Saturday, April 23, 2011

lol cats

one gloomy day, when nate had to work & i didn't, i set out into the city on my own. i found myself at h&m at 10am & it happened to be my lucky day! sweedish hasbeens released their collection for h&m that day, and i happened to be there.
i picked a red pair of sandals out & also a white pair. i decided to to keep the red but i'm selling the white.
[if they don't sell, then i get to keep them :)]
then i found a new juice place called organic avenue where i got a (delicious) juice & was once again inspired to do some sort of cleanse.  & enjoyed the views off the j train, on my way home.

our buddy ol' pal brando was in town for one day & it was brilliant to see him. he was here to play a show, so we watched him play bass with rooney & then we hung out all night.

so i was looking at some pictures from the winter... it's kind of amazing how winter comes and then goes...
i did love the first blizzard, but i'm definitely happy to see the 'goes' part.

the other night i made raw coconut banana chocolate ice cream. might sound weird, but it basically tastes like a "frosty from wendy's" as nate put it. super easy to make.
1 banana
a lil vanilla
2 TBSP cocoa powder
1 C coconut milk
optional 1 TBSP maca powder
then i put it into my little magic bullet blender. i purchased an ice cream maker a few months back, and i'm obsessed with it. i've made ice cream more than two dozen times already, it was definitely worth the $. [i bought the cheapest one out there, and got the color that was on sale, which happened to be a very cute lime green.

ok. lastly, since i like to jam-pack my blog updates with a little bit of everything, i'll mention my kitties.
i was taking pics of them, and had this idea to make "lol cats" ...actually i thought i was being very original & funny, when nate said 'i can't believe you're trying to do your own lol cats!"
anyway-- i wasn't going to post them, b/c i couldn't come up with anything funny to put in their bubbles... if you have funnier ideas, i'd love to hear 'em.


  1. Can you recommend any good detox or cleanse diets?

  2. i love that cat teepee!

    your lol cats are super funny. what makes them funny is simply miz-spellingzz the werdzz in the bubblezz (and apparently adding a bunch of zz's). lol cats are what got me through some of my days at my office job.

  3. I love the before and after pictures of winter! I prefer the snow actually (maybe because I've seen any yet!). Your cats are so funny! xoxoxo

  4. Super duper lovely blog!


  5. I am totally loving your food pictures (as I have mentioned before) and your friend Nathan as well:) I also like "lil vanilla":) Oh and the bullet reminded me of some sweet little videos you guys did "one, two, three" Inna and I actually watched them not too long ago.

  6. I like the before & after pics of snow & spring...both beautiful, but I love, love, love the ariel photo of cat on blue table, just a really cool photograph. Thanks also for the recipe for the raw ice cream, I really want to try it!

  7. hahahah i freaken LOVE your LOL cats! hahaha, i actually loled when i read them. So brilliant.
    And your ice cream photos are wow.