Saturday, April 16, 2011

yes! it's saturday!

i love this moment. it was a self timer, and it's why we're laughing that brings back a nice memory.
we got this vegan raw cheesecake (which is still my favorite dessert, i've ever had),  then we went and got some coffee, hoping to eat the dessert at the coffee shop, but it was packed with no room to sit.
we kept walking around until we found this bench in front of a vintage furniture store. we went inside first & looked around, it was a full of beautiful mid century furniture, i would have purchased everything if i had the funds and needed furniture.
anyway, we sat down on the bench and i said wouldn't it be funny if we started telling people as they go in that they have free cheesecake inside and all they had to do was ask the sales clerk. and for some reason we couldn't stop laughing, imaging people saying to the clerk 'so, i'll take a slice of the cheesecake now."

it's almost 1pm now. rozzy & i are sitting in front of a small heater & nate is singing on a new song....which might be done tonight.
it's gloomy outside which makes me want to read my book.
we're going to go out & face the day. before i go now, i'll share this (stupid) photo, which nate showed me this morning....he's always looking at weird/viral things on the internetz & this one really got me.
have a greaaat saturday!

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