Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the best part about bed stuy, is saraghina. it is one of my favorite restaurants in brooklyn.
worth a trip into good ol' bed stuy for it!
if we move to another part of bk, we'll definitely
visit to get our saraghina on!
our friends road their bikes to our house [it was warm enough!] & then we ate at saraghina.
so delish.

& it's really nice and cozy in the evening.
i took my brother in law & nephew here once, and my bro in law said it looked like his grandma's cottage... i'm still not sure if he meant it as a compliment, but that's how i took it, anyway.

i just finished reading 'never let me go'   -- cried about it, and was in a funk part of yesterday, saying things to myself like 'what is life?' & 'everything is pointless' or nate's favorite 'what is people?'
would i recommend this book to anyone? yes.  yes i would. it's a very beautiful sad...
i waited for nate in the ace hotel lobby, a beautiful lobby it is. stumptown right next door... just a lovely place to sit, read & drink.
at the o.c entrance in the ace hotel, they have different art displays, monthly i believe. this one is my favorite one so far.

then i walked around outside and looked at all the flowers & greenery everywhere. spring is coming, and i'm happy i'm here.
anyway, feeling much better this morning, had my coffee, my head is buzzing with ideas.
i better get dressed & wash those dishes :)
bought a loaf of amy's bread - raisin & fennel -- very unique flavor, the fennel tastes a little like licorice.
nate said the fennel catches him off guard, but he obviously likes it, since he ate three pieces of toast.

this is my outfit inspiration for today.
rachel comey fall '11


  1. i haven't read the book, but the movie made feel empty & sad! & i didn't like that i felt that way after seeing it. so i am guessing the book would make you feel 10x that. have you seen the movie?

  2. Hi Liska, I wonder if it was my son who sold you your Amy's bread. I will definitely recommend "saraghina" to him, sounds just like the kind of place they would love. I envy you living in Brooklyn, while I was there I kept wishing I was just a little bit younger & living a creative life there.
    At least I can live vicariously through my son & your blog. Thanks!

  3. lina, i haven't seen the movie, yet -- but i will *sigh* i feel like i kinda have to now.