Saturday, March 9, 2013

big sur (road trip continues)

big sur, one of my favorite places on earth?

on our way to big sur, we stopped at casa de fruta, definitely stop there if you're driving by. pretty views plus fruit, nuts & dried fruit snacks. (i picked up some guacamole flavored pistachios!)
also, our friend greg, introduced us to geocashing, so we did a little geocashing on our trip (does anyone else do this?!)

we stopped at "our spot," with the bixby in view for some photos. just doesn't get old.

we rented a cabin, and took it easy, chatting, napping and kindling a fire. we reserved a spot to go night bathing... on a cliff, in a hot spring at was so peaceful...and magical, really unexplainable, you'll just have to go & find out for yourself, someday.

morning! (lol my hair the morning after the baths)
when going to big sur, you don't really need a guide, just find a spot to park, and go for a hike, ya can't go wrong there!
aside from night bathing, i will suggest getting lunch or drinks at nepenthe. a sweet restaurant, on the edge of the earth, just spectacular.

that's all for our road trips with our LA/NYC/UK pals, this time ;)


  1. The bathing thing is def on the list for next time! Looks amazing as always :-*

  2. this place is a dream

  3. it looks beautiful!! you are traveling up a storm. i'm a bit envious. i would like a different view..

  4. yes geocashing! miguel & i did it for his birthday last year haha. it's fun!