Thursday, March 21, 2013

los angeles

hi guys

i started missing LA, so we packed our bags, said sorry to our cats & went 3hrs south for the weekend. two days really isn't very long,  i was only able to see a couple friends & stopped by a few of my favorite places. (which included cafe gratitude & the spice station!)
(wearing my favorite dress from our shop. looks like something rachel comey might design)
the weather was 70 degrees, as per usual. there was a marathon that weekend, & it seemed like everyone else decided to stay home, which meant no traffic for us! i miss LA sometimes, but most of the time i am content being here, in fresno. plus, now, everything there seems a little more special, because we can't go there everyday.

(below is the best coconut curry raw soup i've ever had. i will try & replicate it this summer, when it's too hot to eat hot food)

we are at "that age" when everyone we know is having babies. we're not planning on  babies anytime soon, so it's fun to hold everyone else's.
& what's up with this generation's babies...they're so cute!?

the first evening in LA, i made dinner for a few friends. it was indian themed, of course (lentil dahl, sweet&spicy cauliflower, kale salad & date poppers!) ...recipe to come (...lies).
there were no leftovers, btw. that means it was either that good, or i didn't make enough food!

here's a crappy phone pic of some of them pretending like i'm not taking a photo.
at least it captured a nice moment... (right guys?)

thanks for looking! see ya lata!


  1. aw,the kids are so cute/ Cool outfit on the 1st pic xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures.
    You have such a lovely blog,

    Rosie x