Sunday, March 3, 2013

we're at the alameda flea today!

if you are near San Francisco today, come see us at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire! we're back at it, driving there like a couple of lunatics in the middle of the night :)
nate said yesterday, that if we didn't actually have fun doing this, none of this would really be worth it.

also, I just made this flyer on my phone ! which is pretty cool..not that it's any good or anything but jeez i love techmology!  & obviously I like fonts.

we will be in space EE20

see ya guys later!!

ps. i was searching which flea markets were the best in the U.S. & many list the Alameda flea as #1! no wonder i love it so much!


  1. ohh man i need to go back there! such great finds!! did you use a particular app to make the flyer?? it's great!

    1. thanks lina! it's called "Over" i think it's either free or 99cents. i like it b/c there are tons of cute fonts you can use.

      also yes, come to the flea again! :)