Tuesday, March 5, 2013

day trip to yosemite!

if you look up directions to yosemite, it'll probably say to fly/drive to FRESNO then get a car and drive to yosemite...so yeah, fresno is kind of a big deal, ha ha.

we had visitors recently. pals we made while living in new york. now one of them lives in LA, the other is moving to London & one still lives in nyc...(but hopefully for not too much longer ;) )

anyway, they came over, i made indian food & we just hung out around the house. the next day, after a hearty breakfast (ok i'll tell ya, tofu scramble with breakfast potatoes & avocado toast) we took off for yosemite. a quick (&beautiful) 1hr drive got us to the south entrance of the park.

we also learned how to put chains on our wheels ;)

after what seemed like a 10mile hike, we made it to the giant redwood trees! i read that some are over 3,000 years old... pretty cool.

there were some breathtaking views too along our hike.
we were heading for the grizzly giant trees, but "0.8 of a mile" (thru the snow would feel more like 5 miles) just seemed like a little longer than we wanted to hike (plus, the sun was setting & we still needed to get back to our car).
our new yorker pal wasn't quite dressed warm enough for snow hiking :)
style over function, that's usually my moto!

as soon as the snow melts, we're heading back up there! you can take a tram up to the top.

anyway, that's all for yosemite, this time.
the next two days we spent in big sur, i'll tell ya all about it later this week, so come back.

thanks for looking guys!

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