Friday, March 29, 2013

rozzy the flirt

we made a quick trip up north to sac-town, to visit family, this week. we went to see traces with the fam, it's our second time seeing them, just spectacular! we saw them while living in nyc, i mean... i would go see it good!

& of course, we caught up with our pals too.

when we got home, a couple friends from LA were driving up to SF and stopped by at the famous  "hotel cole" in fresno for the night;)
they had a dog, which i thought was not really going to work with our cats, but surprisingly rozzy decided "trixy" was hot and started waving his tail feathers in front of her.

there was no fight, no nothing. trixy just chilled & rozzy flirted.
coop was not ok with any of this though, ha, we had to lock him in a separate room. poor guy, just doesn't like other animals at all.

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