Saturday, April 9, 2011

one lazy saturday

i mentioned at work i made my own granola bars, and someone said "lisa is saving money" & i responded "i am saving no money doing it."
interesting, b/c i would have never thought someone would think i was trying to save money to make my own granola bar. i make it myself, b/c i like to know what goes into it.
i'm not sure why i call it "granola", it's more like flaxseed & nut thing..
i eyeballed it, so here's the best i can do, as far as a recipe goes :

1 cup of flaxseed
1/2 cup mixed nuts/dried cranberries
1/4 cup yacon syrup &/or agave
1 mashed banana

then dehydrate @ 115degrees overnight-- or put into the oven at the lowest possible temp for an hour or so, i imagine it would taste toastier like that anyway!

i noticed, eating healthy (using this term loosely- since everyone's idea of "healthy" varies) you acquire certain items for your pantry which repeat in many healthy recipes. for example, i went to make this recipe from sassy kitchen's recipe for kale & roasted chickpea - and found i had almost all of the ingredients, but when i showed this recipe to a friend, he said he'd have to go buy practically every ingredient., that was interesting... 
but check this recipe out, it's DELICIOUS. i was going to make it last night, again for guests, but the night didn't quite pan out as planned. 
(stole this pic from sassy kitchen)

today is a lazy saturday for us. lots of napping and snacking is going around here. 
i have been 'going easy' on coffee lately, replacing it with green juice -- but today, i decided to have some. my head was flooded with ideas and inspiration instantly, and i remembered why i love coffee so much. just the scent itself is so good. 

here are a few things i've been loving recently : 
(so random!- ja'mie)

1. Deyrole via Opening Ceremony
2. Opening Ceremony
5. Rachel Comey "Hitch" via TENOVERSIX
6. Robert Clergerie via Creatures of Comfort
7. Hansel from Basel ZigZag Bag via Creatures of Comfort
8. Striped Leggings by Margiela via Creatures of Comfort 
7x. Anonymous Cream Bear Qoo Qoo Fashion
9. Cool cutting board by Fine Little Day
10. Wooden Piggy A&G Merch
11. Fox Pillow by Donna Wilson via The Future Perfect
12. Wood Lamp by TAF Architects via The Future Perfect
13. Pack Rackk by Steph Mantis via The Future Perfect  (was thinking of using this for my necklaces)
14. Russian Tiara Braid by Yelena Zhelezov
15. Fox boy has Girlfriend by Gretel Girl Draws

this took kind of a long time to do...and then i realized i made a mistake in my numbering..FAIL

 my boys are as sweet and funny as always. 

that's all folks!
time to make some food... i'll be using this as inspiration for lunch via green kitchen stories  :


  1. I like dress #2, black leggings, platform shoes look fun but I could never pull them off...expensive taste sista ...and the piggy reminded of Dad's cutting boards:/ I recently looked at some tutorials of how to take good pictures of food - it's pretty easy, especially with the cool camera that you have and natural talent of course:)

  2. i LOVE your fun cats!


  3. i love the rachel comey shoes! i saw them on tenoversix's website a couple of days ago :)

    you should do a "what i would wear if i lived in la where its not as cold and had no money" post. hahah because i love the way you dress!

  4. your cat!! awww, I guess that's what my kitty looks like under his fur! haha

  5. Hey Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your "granola" bars so I made some in the food dehydrator AND in the oven, and they were both delicious :)The ones from the oven tasted more banana-y. Also, I salted those ones, which I totally recommend.

    And NOW that I have the dehydrator out. . .do you by chance know of a good savory cracker recipe?

  6. lovin the pics. also bought those rachel comey boots in black :)