Saturday, March 16, 2013

garden time

anyone out there trying to garden this summer? if so, what are ya growing?

i'm going to try, i really don't know anything about gardening though. i have a big yard, so it would be criminal not to at least try!
i usually buy some seeds for a vegetable, then try and find blogs that have tips on growing it...

there is this story from years ago, about my mom, i guess she planted some tomatoes, and a weed started growing there.  she wouldn't let my dad pull the weed, b/c she thought it was a tomato plant. i've heard this story being told several times, kinda making fun of my mom, but i think it's totally  unfair! she didn't have google, or even a library she could look up any information! her mom didn't grow tomatoes... so how would she know?


i've also started a compost (w/o worms) & it's working! worms end up in there anyway, thanks to my niece & nephew. they ome over and pick up big rocks & pull worms out of the ground & toss them in there for me :)

i guess this is my "before" picture of our back garden area.  we'll see what happens in a few months!

also, my naughty kitties ate about 6 of my tomato seedlings.  they sit right next to them in the sun, and i guess they must have gotten bored one day & decided to eat a few of them?


  1. I hope to grow brussel sprouts, kale, cherry tomatoes, and some herbs.

  2. hi there, i'm a regular snooper of your blog. i rarely comment and when i actually work up the courage to speak my mind i usually talk shit about your husband (i'm sorry, but it's just too easy! lol) ...but OMFG, i take it all back..he looks hella ripped! i hope you guys can accept my apology and not beat me up. hehe.

    1. I heard he is much ripper in person. But really how do we know those things are even real....

  3. That photo of the cat is SO EPIC.