Thursday, April 7, 2011


we had a really nice anniversary weekend on the ocean,  in a desolate town. i guess this is the off season, which makes sense, since it's too cold to go outside w/o your coat. but, that also  means things are less expensive.
we stayed in  Montauk, which is about two hours east of Brooklyn. we spent our time on the beach there, and also went to the surrounding areas, east hampton, sag harbor & took a ferry w/ our car to shelter island.

while driving around town, we saw farm, and two donkeys hanging out. i'd never seen one in (or two for that matter!) in person, or at least i couldn't remember seeing any in person. we pulled over, and luckily nate packed 2 organic granny smith i fed it to them. i instantly named the more bashful/scardy cat one "rozzy" (after my more timid cat) and coop, the more forward one.
anyway, that was definitely a highlight for me!

we stayed in a hotel near the ocean, right around the corner,  walking distances was a cafe called 'joni's' . the food was very 'hippy dippy' (just the way i like it). i was able to get my green juice, even in montauk! (i've been into juicing greens and fruits lately...yum!)
tofu scrambie w/ carrots, cilantro & avocado.
the girl that worked there wasn't very nice. the first day, i thought she was in a mad mood, the second day, i realized that's what she really was like...
i was tempted to leave a review and say "she had bad energy" and then write "jk, she was just a byatch"
we did some shopping too :

shelter island was a bit of a disappointment. we took our car onto a ferry, and then drove around the island. i looked some things up on my phone....but we just circled the island and got back onto a ferry. the actual ride there was really fun, tho.

it was a great trip, we can't wait to go back to that area! hopefully we'll get a chance to do it again soon.
when we got back, we wanted to be outside, b/c the weather was so nice. they moved the brooklyn flea market to the waterfront in willaimsburg. so pretty!

ok. usual, i'm falling asleep as i type..
happy friday! woohoo! :)


  1. oh! a fuji instax mini! i've been wanting to get one of those. how do you like it? any tips/hints to give?

    i think donkeys are so adorable. when i was going to junior college, every morning i passed a donkey farm. they always made me smile.

    that tofu wrap looks amazing!

  2. these pics are lovely, looks like you had a really nice time on your trip. love that dog, he's got such a great expression on his face!

  3. happy (belated) anni! its impossible to not remember your wedding on april fools :)

    p.s. i love your new header photo, i am tempted to print it in poster size, hang it in my living room, and tell people its me.

  4. lina, we love the camera. it does get a little pricey (about $1/pic) -- worth it for special pictures!
    thanks dani and alice :)

    olya, thanks for the anni wish ...and about the picture... you're starting to sound like "nathan" :)

  5. Liska - cool pictures, looks like you guys are having fun - that's how life should be:) Love the story about the "bad energy" girl...