Friday, March 1, 2013


throw back thursdays. (i know you're probably reading this on friday, yeah...)

ok, why is it that everyone "back in the day" looked so cool?
love the outfits, the hair...their faces. love to see photos of my parents smiling. (they're ukrainian, & just for some reason people don't smile as much over there, as they do in america. so when i see them smiling in photos, i like to think they were just really happy in that moment)

will our kids look back at our photos & think everyone looked cool? for some reason it's hard to imagine they will!

first photo:
my dad with my two (twin) uncles & a friend, camping.
(my dad is wearing the plaid shirt)
left photo : my parents camping.
right photo: my parents are in the middle...with my mom's cousins. i guess that day, my grandpa (on my dad's side) had kicked my mom's cousins out of the house (who were visiting from our of town), b/c they were dressed like hooligans. (lol)

below photo: mama & papa

those two made this one : (me)

below: my older brother & sister. ( i have a younger sister too, but for some reason don't have a pic of her this time.)

left: my mama, i think pre-kids.  right: oh yeah, that's me again :)

ok. well thanks for looking! & i'll leave ya with one last photo of me... being, well... me. overwhelmingly loving little girl.  poor girl with the bow... actually i should try and find her now, i think my mom said she lives in finland...

ha ha i'm sure she's dyyying to see me again.


  1. I love throwback parent pics. Yours look so sweet and cool together (sweet and cool very good combo...)! I think your kids will think you're cool in old least when they're almost 30. Speaking of kids... Leeza...wook at how cute you were when you were wittle!!! Preview of your little one - pweeeeeese! Sorry for jumbled's early and Im reading my blogs on the phone in bed trying to decide what to wear today :-D. And this post was wonderful. Good idea for a post I might copy one day when I get around to updating. Xoxo

  2. Cute pictures! Can I ask where you grew up?

  3. I love these old cool! You were a darling child. Someday your darling children will think you had some pretty cool photos too!